Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Do you consider yourself a creative person, but yet you still feel that your ideas are still lacking or in some way not executable? Maybe you have a lot of small fragments of ideas, but you can’t really figure out a way to put them together in a cohesive manner by yourself.

Innovation is a word that receives a lot of traction in today’s society. You just can’t escape from it: no matter where you go, the word innovation follows you around. For most people this might feel a bit oppressive. As if you should constantly have new innovative ideas to make the world a better place in the future.

Can’t you feel the pressure?

Sadly, innovation is often a quite misunderstood word. Many take it as something completely new and life changing – something spectacular. This might be the case, yes, but in a mere fraction of all the innovations that have been brought to life during our time on this planet. We often get stuck in trying to think too big, too revolutionary, when actually most of the time the most remarkable innovations start from the smallest of ideas.

Take for example mobile payment applications like MobilePay. They didn’t innovate the idea of sending money to other people, they just made it easier in certain scenarios. While some people doubted the usefulness of such applications (and some still do), look at where they are now. MobilePay alone has over 800 000 users in Finland and the amount of money sent through their service in Finland equaled over 260 million euros in 2018.

It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it could just be about bringing it to the modern-day era with a minor idea of an addition or a fix.

So why couldn’t these ideas come from you?

No matter what your field of study or expertise, you have got ideas. You have got something to give, maybe you just don’t have enough knowledge or resources to execute your ideas on your own. That’s where Idea JKL comes in. We give you a team of other people who have ideas of their own, just like you do. When you get to throw these ideas around and share them in a group who knows what you’re capable of?

Even the longest routes consist of taking small steps. Take your first step by applying to Idea JKL and see on what kind of a journey that leads you to.

Written by Jere Inberg